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Grimmway Quality

At Grimmway Farms, we believe that you can taste how well we care for our carrots. We make sure that our carrots are consistently high quality, from seed to salad bowl, so that you can trust that they’ll always be delicious and nutritious. Our efforts to maintain quality are ongoing and extensive and include seeking kosher and organic certifications for many of our products.


Grimmway employs sustainable practices in the field, the packing house and even on the store shelf. As stewards of some of the most productive farm land in the country, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. We are constantly improving methods to minimize water, energy and fertilizer use while optimizing crop yields and soil health. Grimmway Farms continues to create innovative farming methods and technologies that help reduce environmentally harmful materials in the soil, air and water. Grimmway Farms will continue to strive for ways to reduce waste, save energy and utilize more renewable resources. Our sustainability practices are ongoing and evolving, but some highlights include:

Farming and Processing

  • Implemented drip and pivot irrigation as well as pressure-sealed Certa-Set® pipes to use water more efficiently
  • Incorporated compost to limit use of synthetic fertilizer
  • Operates under the U.S. Department of Agriculture Good Agricultural Practices program
  • Manages soil with crop rotation and cover crops
  • Installed emissions controls on carrot harvesters
  • Reduced air pollution by enrolling forklifts in the California Air Resources Board Large-Spark Ignition Program
  • Replaced diesel engines with electrical motors to further reduce air pollution


  • Implemented energy-efficient practices and technology to minimize use of fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Converted to energy-saving LED lighting throughout our facilities
  • Replaced metal halide lamps, which contain lead, with lead-free fluorescent tubes
  • Received 2011 PG&E Clean and Green award for energy efficiency and environmentally progressive business practices
  • Received 2012 Kern Green Energy Efficiency and Conservation award
  • Expanded solar farm to a 4.75-megawatt system to help power production facilities, saving approximately 7 million kilowatt hours per year
  • Improved energy efficiency of high-volume air conditioning and compressed air systems
  • Saved 59.4 million kilowatts with sustainable practices, equal to removing 24,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Used solar power to conserve more than 7.8 megawatts of electricity, enough to power more than 4,000 homes.


  • Recycle fluorescent tubes to prevent landfill contamination
  • Recycle 46,000 pounds of paper per year
  • Recycle used stretch wrap, bags, plastic films, irrigation drip tape and all recyclable office products.
  • Recycle cardboard boxes from suppliers and damaged produce cartons
  • Partner with processor that converts used waxed cartons into fire logs
  • Recycle scrap stainless steel and carbon steel

Food Safety

Grimmway Farms knows that it’s important for you and your family to be confident in the safety of the produce you consume. Our safety standards are among the highest in the industry because we adhere to multiple sets of strict regulations. A sample:

  • Early participant in the USDA Qualified Through Verification (QTV) program, an extensive food safety management system
  • Third-party food safety auditors include USDA, AIB International, Silliker Labs, Scientific Certification Systems and Davis Fresh Technologies
  • Implemented the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Standards and Guidelines: Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Joined the FDA’s Leafy Greens Safety Initiative to support industry-wide food safety practices and research
  • Adhere to industry-wide Good Agricultural Practices by staging monthly self audits, quarterly third-party program audits, and an annual, intensive three-day, third-party audit
  • Audit each field prior to harvest
  • Contractually require all new contracted growers to complete a self-audit
  • Use an electronic recall program to stage mock recalls, including intensive documentation and practice with five most-probable scenarios
  • Created new isolated pathogen laboratory to provide environmental testing results in 24 to 48 hours

Kosher Certified

Grimmway Farms has received kosher certification from the Orthodox Union (OU) in New York. All of our processed carrots, including baby carrots, carrot sticks, shredded carrots and carrot chips, are kosher certified. The Orthodox Union inspects our facilities regularly. Kosher monitoring systems are set up and monitored by our Quality Assurance Division. The OU kosher-supervision label is the world’s most recognized kosher symbol and can be found on nearly 250,000 products in 68 countries around the globe.

Organic Produce

Our organic produce is grown using organic methods of food growing and processing that rely on the earth’s natural resources. Pests and weeds are managed using earth-friendly means such as beneficial insects and mechanical controls. Organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fumigants. Organic produce is never genetically engineered or modified, and is never irradiated.

Products labeled “certified organic” have been grown and processed according to strict USDA standards. Representatives from CCOF, the organic certification trade association for California farms, annually inspect our farms and facilities to ensure that:

  • No synthetic chemicals have been used for at least three years
  • Foods are processed using sustainable methods
  • Growers and processors keep detailed records of their practices