Our Process

Our Process


Buying only the Best

When only the best will do, Grimmway delivers. We know that you have many produce options, but you can be assured that Grimmway Farms offers a wide range of the highest quality, most delicious produce anywhere.

Grimmway’s Carrots

You’ve probably tasted our delicious carrots, whether you’ve packed baby carrots for lunch or snacks, tossed our shredded carrots into salads at home, or enjoyed our rainbow organic carrots at your favorite restaurants.

At Grimmway, we do a lot of thinking about carrots. When it comes to America’s favorite vegetable, we know our customers like to dive right in. So we’ve come up with a number of ways you can enjoy carrots fresh out of the bag or added to your favorite recipes. Of course we have our famous baby carrots and bunches of whole carrots, but we also offer carrot chips, Stixx™, shreds and crinkle cut coins, to name a few. With so many options, you’ll find that carrots are a healthy alternative to fried and salty snacks. And, they’re the best when they’re from Grimmway Farms.