Snack Carrots

Snack Packs

The #1 Fresh Veggie Snack is becoming increasingly more popular, thanks to its wonderful attributes. It’s a healthy alternative to fried and salty snacks, and their perfect for any occasion!

Banded Snack Packs

We also have our 4 pack, 3 ounce Snack Pack bags filled with America’s favorite vegetable. Convenient, and ready-to-eat, you won’t want to miss out on this perfect grab-and-go snack!

Carrot Dippers

Grimmway Carrot Dippers™ are fresh, great-tasting, peeled baby carrots with creamy, low-fat ranch dressing in a cup. Convenient easy-open single and three packs.

New Dippers

Dip into the hottest new product in the carrot category. Available in a Multi- Pack containing 5 individual 2.5 ounce packs with ranch dip or as individual 2.5 ounce packs. A healthy alternative for today’s on-the-go consumer.