Fresh Carrots

Bunch Carrots

Do you prefer carrots with the green tops intact? Grimmway offers bunch carrots, all harvested and packed with the same Grimmway standard of quality.

Label: Bunny-Luv, Cal-organic, Grimmway

Cello Carrots

Grimmway Farms knows today’s consumer has a soft spot for their old favorites. That’s why we continue to produce all the carrot products you’ve come to know and love. Like Grimmway’s extensive line of cello-pack carrots – the very best quality available.

Label: Bunny-Luv, Cal-organic, Grimmway

Jumbo, Table and Juice Carrots

Grimmway Farms provides premium Jumbo, Table and Juice carrots that are carefully selected and harvested fresh daily, the various sizes available provide a host of recipe possibilities.

Label: Bunny-Luv, Grimmway