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Assist land manager in evaluating suitable land for farming. Assist with the lease and purchase of land to grow crops.


Assist in the integration of company land parcels and water-related assets into company databases. Assist in evaluating company land resources and the infrastructure required to supply water to all lands. Maintain data base information related to pumping production, water levels, maintenance, and repair. Integrate land and water data base information with required regulatory reporting issues such as Irrigated Lands and Air permitting. Become familiar with land title issues and basic land division issues. Integrate land and water data base information with required regulatory reporting issues such as Irrigated Lands and Air permitting. Investigate issues related to increasing efficiency in areas such as utility billings and data collection in order to streamline the process. Coordinate and oversee repairs and invoices related to pumping infrastructure. Participate in the approval process of invoices related to land, water, power, and regulatory issues. Prepare cost benefit analysis for land purchases and improvements. Create Capital Improvement Requests to update or replace on farm infrastructure. Perform physical inventory of various pieces of equipment using a camera and global positioning device. Assist with integration of land related information into company database. Utilize company global information system to track assets and create reports. Develop spreadsheets containing mathematical calculations and conditional formatting. Assist Land Manager in all aspects of department duties.


Continuous use of both hands; including grasping, pulling and pushing. Sight, hearing,  lifting, standing, climbing stairways, walking and balancing both feet on even and uneven surfaces, bending, twisting, crawling, stooping, kneeling, reaching forward, reaching overhead, reaching below shoulder, wrist turning, neck turning.


JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree preferred in either Ag, Business, and/or an Engineering discipline with greater than five years’ experience in a related field. Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, and Word). Have a general understanding of database structure and associated tools. Must have a high attention to detail and be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Must have good interpersonal skills and strong analytical/quantitative abilities. Must have a valid California driver’s license and a clean DMV driving record. Must pass drug and alcohol exams.
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