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To establish and maintain open, friendly and compassionate contact with injured employees throughout the period of medical care by providing on-going communication, explanations to enhance the employee’s understanding of and throughout the worker compensation process, being present for appointments, ensuring information flows to all involved parties, translation support as needed, and removing obstacles to timely care.


  •  Establish prompt contact with injured worker upon notification from WC Coordinator. Contact can occur via telephone, in person at hospital or at the medical office. Introduce themselves to the employee and define their role as expeditor of care. Assist the employee with required paperwork, contact with family/friends, and any other arrangements that may need to be made.
  • Establish a clear understanding of both the stated incident and claimed injury as well as the injury itself.
  • Attend all medical care appointments for an assigned employee. Asks questions, provides explanations, obtains treatment/equipment/prescription approvals as needed, ensures employee understanding throughout each appointment, ensures course of care aligns with the incident and approved treatment as authorized by the Third Party Administrator (TPA).
  • After each treatment event, ensures the employee has understanding of what occurred and what will happen next. Works with employee to schedule next appointment for availability into everyone’s calendar.       Ensures employee has a pharmacy, the prescriptions needed and physically assists as needed. Will explain how employee should track their mileage, and arrange transportation if needed.
  • May attend surgeries, assisting the employee’s family as needed.
  • May arrive at emergency room for 911 calls concurrent to the employee and/or their family. Will work with the hospital staff on paperwork, care and treatment, explain their role and support to the employee’s family, and the employee to obtain incident information for understanding and paperwork.
  • Provide ongoing explanation, reminder, and discussion about GEI Early Return to Work Program to treating physician and injured worker.
  • Provide ongoing explanation and information to employee about how pay, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), and Permanent calculations work.
  • Between appointments administrative work is completed that includes updating case notes into shared calendar Journal for WC Coordinator to update case file in Fast Track, update mileage log, make appointment reminder calls to other employees, coordinate activity related to other employee treatment, schedule and reschedule employee appointments, make and return phone calls relating to all assigned cases, and update shared calendar.
  • Physical errands may be needed related to employee transportation, prescriptions, equipment, and emotional and physical support.
  • Respond to concerns expressed by injured employees, co-workers, supervisors, medical providers, and other vendors.
  • Maintain open lines of communication between the injured worker, location supervisor, physician(s), Worker’s Compensation Department, and the TPA Claims Adjuster as the claim progresses.
  • Attends weekly staff meeting and monthly case review.
  • Continual participation in the employer’s CA DMV Pull Notice Program.


Continuous use of both hands including grasping, pulling and pushing. Sight, hearing, lifting, standing, climbing stairways, walking and balancing both feet on even and uneven surfaces, bending, twisting, crawling, stooping, kneeling, reaching forward, reaching overhead, reaching below shoulder, wrist turning, and neck turning.


JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Required: Bilingual English/Punjabi. Able to communicate in an authentic manner showing sincerity, compassion, and honesty in both positive and negative situations. Able to effectively work independent of physical supervision. Well-developed ability to maintain accurate, up to date notes, capture details, and provide written updates through the use of MS Office Outlook. Able to comprehend information and explain it in a variety of ways so it is understood. Must make on-site visits at company locations, medical offices and employee homes which requires flexibility in work hours. Must have effective judgement and decision making skills. Must pass pre-placement drug test, background investigation, and have valid CA Driver’s license. A clean DMV record and reliable transportation with acceptable insurance required at all times. Preferred: Previous experience in Worker’s Compensation. Basic Microsoft Office experience in Word, Excel.
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