At Grimmway Farms, quality is key, from our fields all the way to your home. We go to great lengths to produce the best quality fruit and vegetables for you and your family. Our efforts to maintain what consumers are looking for in quality products are extensive. All products are kosher certified (when applicable), and always organically certified through a recognized third party approved by the USDA. Delivering products that are convenient and nutritious keeps us relevant in today’s environment. Our innovation is truly motivated by their desires.



IQF 1” Chunk Carrots

IQF Baby Carrots

IQF Bias Cut Carrots

IQF Crinkle Cut Carrots

IQF French Cut Green Beans

IQF Inch Cut Green Beans

IQF Julienne Carrots

IQF Slab Cut Green Beans

IQF Smooth Sliced Carrots

IQF Whole Green Beans

IQF Whole Potatoes

IQF Yellow Carrots

Organic Only

IQF Broccoli Florets

IQF Cauliflower Florets

IQF Chopped Collard Greens

IQF Chopped Kale

IQF Chopped Mustard Greens

IQF Chopped Red Swiss Chard

IQF Chopped Spinach

IQF Chopped Turnip Greens

IQF Diced Carrots

IQF Diced Onions

IQF Diced Sweet Potatoes