Grimmway 50 years Timeline

Family Owned for 50 years and growing

Founded on a philosophy to provide premium quality and outstanding service.

Grimmway Farms grew from a roadside produce stand opened by brothers Rod and Bob Grimm. Today we lead the industry as the world’s largest producer of carrots and the nation’s largest producer of organic vegetables.

The early 1960s

The Grimm brothers open a roadside produce stand in Anaheim, CA where they sell corn to their local community.

Corn stand in the 1960s
From the beginning, family was at the heart of the Grimm brothers’ business. They started farming on a small lot on their grandfather’s land and sold their produce with the help of their cousins alongside the Lincoln Highway in Anaheim, California.

The early 1969

Rod and Bob Grimm founded their business as Grimmway Farms.

Grimmway Farms Logo
Brothers Rod and Bob had a special partnership that complemented each other and the business. Bob excelled at managing land and developing relationships with farmers while Rod’s strength in operations allowed the business to expand quickly.
Brothers Rob and Bob in field with tractor in background.

The early 1981

The Grimm brothers make the bold move to Kern County, expanding their operation to take advantage of the region’s ideal growing conditions.

The bakerfield sign
Bakersfield and the surrounding areas of Arvin, Lamont and Shafter are located in the heart of the southern San Joaquin Valley. Sandy soils and consistently mild weather in spring and fall make this growing region ideal for carrot farming.
Tractor harvesting in 1981.

The mid 1990s

The advent of baby carrots disrupts the produce industry, initiating consumer trends towards value-added vegetables and healthy snacking.

The Grimm Family.
Conveyer belt full of baby carrots.
The Grimm brothers understood the potential of the baby carrot and believed it would become a healthy snack enjoyed by families nationwide.
Boxes of baby carrots ready to ship out.
Grimmway established a reputation for providing consistent quality and dependable service.
Employees inspecting the carrot line.


Grimmway acquires Mike Yurosek & Sons and takes over the first-to-market Bunny-Luv brand, securing its lead position in the carrot industry.

Bunny-Luv Logo
Bunny-Luv truck.
Grimmway was now positioned to produce baby carrots on a large scale and capitalize on the grow carrot consumption trend.
The Grimm brothers in the newspaper.


Grimmway rapidly expands organic production by acquiring Cal-Organic Farms, a pioneer organic produce company that was established in 1984.

Bunny-Luv Logo
Rows of potato crops.
Grimmway integrated organic produce into their 3-year crop rotation program, growing a variety of crops on the same land to keep the soil fertile.
Worker packaging produce in the field.
Worker inspecting lettuce crop.
Driven by a responsibility to care for the land, Grimmway invested in sustainable farming practices to reduce waste, save energy and utilize more renewable resources.
Worker inspecting radish crop.


Today Grimmway Farms produces more than 135 seasonal and year-round products distributed worldwide. We are proud to grow 100% of our produce in the USA.

Sunrise in a field.
Rows of crops.
Produce in a store.
Children learning argiculture.
Robert A Grimm Children's Pavilion.
The Rod and Bob Grimm Memorial Scholarship Program has invested more than $1.7 million in tuition support for the children of Grimmway’s employees.
The next generation of Grimm family members is helping to chart the future of the business.

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